1. kellyneel:

    Secret Someones

    DC9 - Washington, D.C. November 11, 2013

    To see more photos (color and black & white) check out the gallery HERE

    All photos ©Kelly Neel

  2. Our backyard is beaming on this gorgeous fall day! #nofilter #fall #baltimore #city (at Charles Village)

  3. Swooning over Baltimore at every turn #fall (at Mount Vernon)

  4. !!!!!! (at Bel Air)

  5. Tunnel violinist. Can’t beat it. #centralpark #violin #blackandwhite #nyc (at Central Park)

  6. Beautiful day. (at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir)

  7. What a day to be alive. (at Sherwood Gardens)

  8. Black & White Self-Portraits

    ©Kelly L. Photography

  9. What a beautiful night. This weather is perfect. (at Charles Village)

  10. Good Morning Baltimore #nofilter (at North Avenue)